Tom in Paris

Thomas L. Brown, Ph.D., is a veteran writer and editor, with over 30 years of experience.

His focus centers on human values and especially on how leaders manage their time, engage and motivate people, allocate money and other resources, and deploy personal energy.

His insights on the need for a new model for 21st century leadership were the inspiration for The Anatomy Of Fire: Sparking A New Spirit Of Enterprise (Foreword by Jim Collins). Tom wrote the keynote essay for Business: The Ultimate Resource, the largest handbook-database ever assembled on business and management.

To stimulate vigorous dialogue in organizations, Tom retold classic fairy tales to reflect on modern society. His Fiscal Fairy Tales have been published in multiple languages. In STRETCH! 21 Events That Will Rock The Next Century, Tom projected events that may make headlines in the 21st century, thereby providing challenges to tomorrow’s leaders. He wrote a trio of 10-minute plays, Labor Saving Devices, to offer alternative perspectives on today’s work world.

Tom became known via his 400+ columns and articles in key business publications. Editor-at-Large for IndustryWeek and Contributing Editor for The Conference Board’s Across The Board, Tom has also written for The Drucker Foundation’s Leader-to-Leader, Harvard’s Management Update, the Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal. He hosted CRM’s Leading With An Edge video series and was a founding columnist for Public Radio’s Marketplace. He has consulted to dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Tom also served as editor of The Nextsensing Project, based in Madrid, Spain. §