keen eyeTom Brown has enjoyed a multi-faceted career giving him a wide angle of view as a dedicated observer of social trends.


He has been a journalist on two major newspapers, a college teacher, a director of management development for an aerospace giant, and a business consultant.

His 400+ articles and other writings have appeared in many influential publications, including strategy+business, Drucker Foundation’s Leader to Leader, Harvard’s Management Update, and The Wall Street Journal. He was also a founding columnist for Marketplace on Public Radio.

He also wrote an ebook in the 1990s showing that many “leaders” are, in fact, placeholders who restrain society.

Tom recently served as the editor of the global Nextsensing Project, based in Madrid, Spain.

Throughout all of his career, Tom has been a keen observer of social trends and how they affect the lives and careers of people. Today, he is starting to publish his insights on where he will focus on the major intersections that will shape the future: self and society, science and the arts, business and community.


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