Labor Saving Devices by Thomas L. Brown is a series of three 10-minute plays that can be read or staged.

Drama is often the best way to explore tough questions. For examples, how about the questions raised from these three workplace situations:

    • In an era of pervasive corporate greed, how should we feel about an executive with no time to spare for workers? That’s the situation put forward in I Have No Comfort To Give.


    • Or consider the group of union employees struggling with profitability goals. Must all corporate goals be met each and every quarter? That’s the question A Stitch In Time wrestles with.


  • Then there’s the tech support person who answers the phone — or does he? Tech Support may be the most unusual workplace scenario you’ll encounter. Then again, doesn’t this kind of behavior happen every day? Perhaps even where you work?

In these plays, Tom explores conflicts between companies, managers, and their employees.

It’s a completely different kind of management literature: Poignant. Provocative. Dramatic. The links below are read-only PDFs, but they include the intriguing artwork by David Pierson.

In these scenarios, what would you do?

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