Walking into the FutureTom Brown and his interest in the future go way back — to his first days as a business journalist.

Tom served as Editor-at-Large for IndustryWeek for many years. He wrote a popular column and was the originator of IW’s “On the Edge” interviews and seminars. It was his interest in people who go beyond the edge of current reality that started his studies of the future.

After IndustryWeek, he served as Editor and Publisher of the Management General webzine. He also founded BrownHerron Publishing, which pioneered the e-document concept for

At least two of Tom’s ebooks are future-focused. The Anatomy of Fire is an attempt to define 21st Century leadership. Stretch is a compilation of faux news reports that predict major newsworthy events that will be milestones for the century to come.

The influential engineer and innovator, Charles Kettering, in the last century noted, “My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” Tom definitely shares the feeling as he anticipates the rest of this century.


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